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Venetian blinds – Among the options we have to sift the light from the windows and having seen the blinds and Japanese panels as two of the most aesthetic options, we dedicate today’s post to the Venetian blinds, a fantastic and different option to cover the windows the looks from the outside while allowing the passage of light with a special charm. Consider its origin, advantages and disadvantages and how they contribute as an alternative home.

Posted on December 16, 2017 Home Design

A venetian blinds type is made of aluminum, PVC or wood and formed by slats varying thickness which is up or down through strings and fold or extend thanks to rods which act as guides. The slats of Venetian blinds can thus change its position on whether to allow the passage of light and adjust its angle by a PVC handle, so that we can let more or less light when we lowered Venetian blind. Although it seems a rhetorical question, the truth is that no. The word “blind” actually comes from the French persienne, which means “persiano” or “inhabitant of Persia “, indicating their place of origin (until then fulfilled its function shutters).

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The venetian blinds is known as such because the route of the Persians came to Europe through the port of Venice, and therefore where it was presented, but in reality the patent was registered in London in 1769. In any case, there are many factors to value when opting between a Venetian blind and other systems available. The first factor to consider is the weather. In cold weather is more favorable employment of textile or plastic front lighter, optimal for dry climates metals. Not the same spend a winter in Lapland than in the Caribbean, so grades, humidity, personal taste or the presence of allergies will condition us when choosing.

In addition, as is the case with the blinds, the ideal is that the venetian blinds measuring about 20 cm more than the width of your window. So you can leave 10cm on each side and keep looking diagonally see outside. In addition, there is also running embedded along vertical profiles to prevent “dance”, leaving gaps in the window completely covered. Finally, there are those that allow their sliding bottom up top down or vice versa, which is very useful in houses or lower floors facing the street, to prevent passersby see us (and we to them) without entailing a loss of light. So this is some tips about blind.

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