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Bendable curtain rod – Not all windows are square or rectangular. Some are round, like valves and other with a curved glass curved wall room. These unusually shaped windows benefit most flexible curtain rods. A flexible rod can contour around the curve of a circular room or around the edge of a circular window. Because the rod is flexible, its adaptability is not limited to a particular arc.

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Obtain a bendable curtain rod made of clear polycarbonate. Attach the curtain rod brackets made of bendable rods to the window where you make and hang the curtain. Mount the rod to the shape of the window at the bar mounts and the cutting bar with scissors or a hacksaw. The rod snaps clamps on the brackets. In a circular top window, you will usually have a center bracket and the two end brackets. You could design the curtain with a slit for my bracket.

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Bendable Curtain Rod KitSize: 3648 x 2340

Measure the widest part of the circle top window. This will often be along the flat bottom edge. Divide this measurement in half and add 12 inches. Measure the length of the curved bendable curtain rod and multiplying this measurement by two. Cut the fabric. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and make a 3-inch incision along the crease. This is the upper part of the curtain. Fold the fabric on the back 08/03 inch. Fold the crease to the back 3/8 inch and sew a hem all around the edge of the fabric. Fold the top hem to the back 2 inches and sew a pocket by sewing a seam 1 3/4 inches from the edge.

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Take the rod and push rod inside the pocket. Fixing bendable curtain rod for at each end. Find the notch in the upper edge and spread the fabric apart so that you can attach the rod in the center console. Gather the fabric to the bottom center and wrap the fabric with a thick rubber band. Draw one of the long ends of the fabric of the gathered fabric to form a ball or bow shape. Use a second rubber band to hold the fabric over. This is a sunburst curtain and it can be done for each round-shaped windows. Personalize this basic design to make other types of valances. You can trim and shape were a simple top panel to form a straight hanging curtain, a bundle bottom curtain or many other forms. The notched opening for the central pole bracket will keep the curtain in place and centered.