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Vinyl lattice panels – Lattice can be purely decorative or workhorse-practical in gardens, landscapes and commercial websites. Lightweight and durable, vinyl lattice panels keeps many years with little maintenance. They look attractive in settings in traditional style and modern. In residential settings, restaurants or industrial sites, vinyl lattice performs as a quick, easy divider with the advantages of a wall without the drawbacks.

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Vines such as honeysuckle, jasmine, clematis, ivy and climbing roses have long been supported by lattice panels used as a trellis. Vinyl lattice panels let the air circulate through the plants and shed moisture that helps to control fungal diseases. Fragrant plants brought to the eye and nose-level for easy collection and to welcome the visitors close a door or gate. Support need not only be vertical. Lower growing plants tend to flop over, such as daylilies, peonies and dwarf bamboo, can easily be kept out of the mud and out of roads with a border made of a two-foot-wide panel on its side.


Lattice towers panels mitigate the hot summer sun, pelting rain, hail and harsh winds without closing plants away from light, moisture and air circulation. More single panels can be kept on hand to put in flower beds as bad weather approaches or permanent mandrels can be built to add shelter to open spaces, entryways or outdoor work spaces. A boundary lattice panels around flower beds, vegetable plots, ponds, freshly seeded areas or rocky, slippery or otherwise dangerous spots reduce if not prevent child, dog and critter traffic. Vinyl lattice panels hit many home building ideas for do-it-yourself projects. Standard sizes from 2 feet to 8 feet and 4 to 8 quickly fill parts of a gazebo, arbor, simple shed, crawl-space cover, cover skirting or porch enclosure. When used to enclose a playground or build a castle or playhouse, lattice panels allow children to be monitored discreetly.

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Large areas such as an entire backyard or small areas such as a patio or deck with a hot tub can be closed for privacy with lattice panels. Portable panels act as privacy screens that can be used as needed and where temporary sought for special occasions. Or, permanent partitions either short or tall integrated into the design plans to enclose or delineate entryways, porches, lobbies or other areas, while retaining an airy, welcoming atmosphere, massive walls not. How ugly views, could busy streets or compost heaps use some concealment without expense, labor and permanence of a solid fence or barrier, easy, relatively cheaper vinyl lattice panels will serve the purpose. Lattice sections also pair well as decoration and extensions on top of solid fences or walls.