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Ottoman slipcovers – are a great way to create extra seating in your room. You can convert an old coffee table into an ottoman and adapt the additional seating to match the rest of your decor. With a few simple ideas, you’ll be on your way to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of your own. Create an engineered Ottoman using an old coffee table as a robust base for your project. Cut the legs on the table for about 4 inches high to create your ottoman’s feet. Ensure the wood box to the tabletop by screwing them together from underneath. Finish your ottoman by wrapping it with two layers thick batting and fabric of your choice, stapled to the underside of the table.

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A light Ottoman makeover can be made with an ottoman slipcovers to fit over the top of an old coffee table. Using a thick upholstery fabric for your project, which will be able to resist wear as seating unit? Measure your table carefully and sew a cover with a tight, tailored look. Since you do not need to attach ottoman slipcover, you can change the color and pattern as often as you want. Create a padded seat ottoman with a thick piece of foam padding. Buy a piece of plywood from your local home improvement store and cut it slightly larger than the size of your coffee table top an Ottoman base. Then cut a piece 5 – or 6-inch thick padding foam the same size of your plywood base. Attach plywood and foam wrap foam with your favorite fabric, staple the fabric to the plywood.

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If you have a round coffee table, you can create a tattered ottoman slipcovers with upholstered seat Ottoman design above. Just dress your project with long, fancy fringes attached to the outer perimeter of your upholstered stool with upholstery tacks. You can buy long, decorative tassels at your local fabric store, or you can make your own by creating long homemade tassles with cheap yarn. Just sew your tassles for a wide ribbon and attach it to your ottoman with upholstery tacks.

Padding a stool is one of the easier beginner upholstery projects. While you can add additional details such as pleats or trim that ottoman slipcovers a basic stool with fabric is just a 20 minute job. It will take longer for you to select the material you want, than to cover it. Ottomans are abused pieces of furniture; they sat on, stood on or used to prop up your feet. When choosing fabrics, pick thick cotton, a device of the home or outdoor fabric.