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Tray ceiling – If you’re considering a basement in completing the project to increase square feet, and the value of your existing home can be used. In this case you may have noticed a significant challenge that has you a little worried: the height tray ceiling. Perhaps you are concerned about the low ceilings in the entire basement. Or maybe you’re more concerned about the beams, plumbing, and ventilation seemed to all be in the wrong place.

Posted on January 14, 2018 Home Design

Whatever your concern, these are challenges and limitations that almost all people face when finishing a basement finishing project. Your particular situation may be unique to the vision you have for your project is complete, but some of the techniques tried-and-true to disguise altitude tray ceiling are sure to save you. More recently, in another article we suggest some tips to face the dilemma of ceiling height. You might call this a coffered ceiling, recessed ceiling, ceiling upside down, etc., but for the purposes of this article, we will refer to all types just as tray ceiling.

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A tray ceiling is one of the elements of the ideal architecture to add a final project of your basement if you try to disguise the low ceiling, or disguise or vent pipes running horizontally along your ceiling. A common obstacle basement, you may have a discharge pipe from the bathroom on the top floor or the kitchen, or a trunk line (ductwork) that supply or return air to or from the upper floors. Enough about this boxing (soffit a) is the most visible way to hide it.

For the quality of the finished basement, you will want a better solution to this problem. In rare cases, you may only move the mechanical elements out of the way. So, if the design and budget allows, the best solution is to move them. However, even with the best design and an unlimited budget, you may not be able to eliminate the mechanical elements from interfering with your basement finishing effort. If this happens, we see a pipe or vent flow length tray ceiling.

Now, imagine this room is complete with a wall, and this pipeline is covered by a soffit. You have to imagine the finished wall and ceiling finishes, with a rectangular box in the top corner of the four sides of the room. Each soffit must be the same width as the other so that the room reaches symmetry. What you imagine is tray ceiling, basement finishing techniques for handling exceptional low ceiling heights. If the vent pipe or drain in the middle of the room, you can imagine two ceiling tray of the same size? Be creative and realize there is always a solution.

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