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Closet Organizer – Not gigantic task, and you only have to do once in two weeks or more. But then again, if you forget to do this, you may get your closet breaks down faster than you think. Broken closet not only looks bad, but can also cause damage to items stored in it. Most of the time as we keep our clothes in the closet, they are affected irreversibly when the  closet organizer was broken. Rather than go through all this trouble, better if we take into account the weekly maintenance closet organizers.

Posted on December 23, 2017 Home Decor

The things that can damage your closet organizer. When we list the things that can damage your closet organizers, in that list, the first item will be water. Water can cause the most damage to your car paint. Normally water can cause damage to the surface most of the wood and the glued part. Thus, you should make sure that you paint the car does not get wet. Organizer metal parts may not get rusty because sometimes encounter with water, but certainly exposure may do serious damage. Even if your closet gets wet, which is usually the case, you have to clean as soon as possible. If you let the water stay, after sometime the water seeps into the layers and be absorbed by the wood. Moisture is the worst enemy for wood cabinets. So be careful when you’re walking around in front of the closet drinking a cup of coffee, because the water will be easier to clean than a thick wad of coffee.

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Avoid putting the wet clothes in the closet organizers. It can elongate your closet to live by a very long time. Many times when we get wet in the rain, we removed our wet clothes and hang them or put them on a wooden cupboard, and when our children return to play after getting wet in the muddy waters, we do the same thing. Thus, you give enough time to the closet to absorb sufficient amount of water to get affected by mold or moisture. Always keep your closet at a good distance from the shower or sink. This is an area where a high moisture content. Keeping the car paint near the area exposing them to constant spray of water droplets, which eventually turned sour for the health of the closet.

The things you can do to keep your car paint. The airflow is the best companion for any wooden furniture, and so it is to paint your car as well. Always make sure that the room in which you have stored in the  closet organizer is always ventilate properly. Without proper air flow, closet you most likely to get soaked in a place that is not exposed to air. When you either sweeping or cleaning your room, includes a closet with a cloth, which will prevent it from catching dust. Also make sure you clean the interior of the closet at least once in two weeks using a vacuum cleaner or by hand. Rotating cupboard at least once in 3-4 months. Its good to change the position of the cupboard so that it will be introduced to better aerated location in your home. Thus, you will avoid damp or fungus that attacks your closet. All in all, a closet organizer is one of the important neat machine that makes your things organized.

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