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Lighted pot rack – Hanging a pot rack in your kitchen will save space and give the kitchen a personalized look. Pot racks are a decorative alternative for storing your pots and pans out in the open. Hanging rack will not be difficult to achieve. Pot racks add architectural interest to any kitchen and is a great space-saving tool. Before you decide to invest in one, measuring to see your kitchen ceiling is high enough to accommodate the rack with hanging pots while space underneath for people to go.

Posted on October 26, 2017 Home Design

Then decide where to put it. Usually the best places for a pot rack in areas that see little or no pedestrian traffic, such as over a center island. Follow a few simple steps to install your new pot rack. This is instructions installing lighted pot rack for your kitchen to look functional. First, guide stud finder over the area in the ceiling where you want to rack hung. When the indicator light comes on, you have run the rule over the detector support beam in the ceiling. Mark the stud with a small piece of masking tape.

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And then place the sharp end of the heavy hook on the marked area on the roof. Turn the hook in a counterclockwise motion to penetrate the drywall and driving the hook in the support stud. When the hook is becoming difficult to turn, put a screwdriver through the hole in the hook and use the screwdriver as a lever to twist the hook all the way into the pin. Pick up the rack and place the support chain or rope on the hook. Pull the right and left the side of the chain or rope until the rack is even. Place all the support hooks on the lighted pot rack in the pattern you want. Place the pots and pans on the rack until the rack is full.

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For your attention of this project about install lighted pot rack. The sharp hanging hook must be able to support at least £ 350 safely to support a hanging pot rack. Always get help. You have to stand on a ladder or step stool during installation. The weight of the pot rack can throw you off balance, so get help to avoid falling and injuring yourself. Never attach a pot rack to something other than the rafters. Avoid replace items as wall anchors and toggle bolts, instead of locating beams. These cannot support the weight of the pot rack.