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Curtain valance – Many styles of curtains work well under the caps-Valance design dictates either carpet style or vice versa. Typically, valances used to finish the look of long drapery panels. Most often, these panels are pleated draperies, which the collected pleats are sewn along the top of the panel characterize is open down the length of the fabric. Add window treatments provide a rich, classic look. Although they require much more substance than other types of curtains and stacking takes up more space when it is open, they are easily formed or dramatic, especially when made of velvet, silk or chintz fabric. Usually, pleated draperies lined and used in bedrooms or living rooms.

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Rod-pocket curtain valance is flat panels of material with a pocket made just below the top edge, in which a rod is inserted to be mounted. They are similar to pleated curtains in their finished appearance because they spend a lot of substance when they are hung, the fabric is usually stacked tightly. They can be mounted on a window frame for a cleaner look. Traditionally, mounted on the outside of a window frame, it can be hard to tell rod pocket curtains from pleated draperies when they are topped with a valance that is a bonus for decorators because rod pocket curtains are cheaper than pleated curtains.

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Curtain Valance PatternsSize: 1152 x 862

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Curtain Valance TrackSize: 3264 x 1836

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Curtain Valance RailSize: 1280 x 960

Curtains And DrapesSize: 1024 x 768

Sheer panels offer a traditional for curtain valance, airy look when hung from the valances. A sheer panel is usually very common along the top edge, making it an ideal curtain concealed by a valance. Their most desirable quality is that they do not cut inside of a room, but as a result, they also offer less privacy than heavier fabrics. Sheer fabrics can be sewn into either pleated or rod-pocket styles and are versatile enough to be installed as a floor-length or cafe-length curtains.

Tab-top curtain valance works well under the box valances or even wooden shells with whimsical carvings. Tab-tops are the most common store-bought curtains are easy to hang. When closed, the panels are perfectly flat. Open, they have minimal stack-back, so overall their simplicity works well in modern and unfussy decor. They are ideal for kitchens and children’s rooms. Fabric choice and added lining can do tab-top curtains more formal, but their minimal yardage consistently makes them the least formal curtain option. Because the caps can dress a window without obscuring its view, decorators often use them as a way to hide the raised blinds or shades instead of curtains.

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