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Outdoor misting fans – One of the most gratifying experiences is to spend time with your friends or family members relaxing in your yard breathing open air – especially during the summer months. But the only discomfort could be the warm weather and the simultaneous humidity factor that can ruin all the fun and merriment. From a marketing point of view also, it is obligatory on your part to offer comfort to customers who come to your business premises. The one striking difference between the standard pedestal fan and misting fan is standard fans will make the air warmer and also provides no relief from moisture factor – unless you come to spray cold water on yourself or wearing wet clothes. But this is not a practical solution, since the water will dry up quickly, and you have to repeat the exercise.

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The misting fans are the right alternatives, as it will constantly spray mist on you. When fog is nothing more than water particles, you will not get soaked, and the experience will be only too pleasant. There are some theme parks, where you would have observed mist sprayed from some large and medium machines – at least in the summer months. Since these machines are more intended for use in public places, you can infer like comfort at home or in your office by installing misting qualities fans. The misting fans come in various sizes and styles, and you can choose the one that will ideally blend with your outdoor decor.

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An easy way to shop for misting fans is to look for them online. The two main components of misting fans is the actual blowing and bottom of the fan where water is stored. Storage capacity may vary, and those who keep large amounts of water will need fewer refills. You’ll have to obviously choose a size according to your requirements – how often and how many hours you intend to use misting fan. You can also derive satisfaction from the fact that misting fans are very hygienic, since the stored water is filtered for impurities before it enters the nozzles. Outdoor misting fans function in any outdoor setting if you have a socket to plug in. If you are required to move misting fans too often, you can buy the ones that come equipped with wheels.

Outdoor misting fans will understandably cost you more than the standard pedestal or ceiling fans. But the consolation is that they are much cheaper than air conditioning. Moreover, you can install air-conditioning in designated areas and not in open spaces. But if your requirement is very small, or you are on a tight budget, you can always choose a handheld misting fan where water is stored in a small bottle and manually press a button to release mist. As terms of maintenance, there are only two things that must be maintained – the fan motor and the device that sprays water. As such, the maintenance costs would be pretty insignificant.

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