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Subway tile bathroom – These tiles are rectangular brick with reasons that are also used in homes. Subway tile is commonly used in traditional kitchens, bathrooms, and even around the fireplaces. It can easily decorate your kitchen or bathroom with subway tile for a stylish urban look. Subway tile bathroom has had resurgence. And while white remains the color most associated with subway tile bathroom, it is now available in a variety of shades, glazes and materials like glass and natural stone. Select the size and polish of your subway tile bathroom. Subway tiles are usually white in color, and are available in sizes 3 x 6 inches. These can also be produced in different sizes and colors. The metro tile can be as small as 1 x 3 inches or as large 6 x 12 inches. Glaze is often matte or glossy, smooth or crackles.

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You should also choose between tiles handmade or machine made tiles. For handmade tiles, require spacers to ensure that they are evenly distributed. Tile machine-made does not require spacers, which are already evenly sized. Plan your tile layout. This should be pretty easy if all the pieces are the same color and size. In this way, should the bricks to be easy to follow. If these are colored differently, or if you use a glass or ceramic tiles in cooperation with subway tile bathroom, you need to trace the pattern before, so that you can correctly position the tiles.

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Install a subway tile bathroom, Install white subway tile from floor to ceiling. Building a platform for your bath and cover it in white subway tile. Make the floor in white marble with black accents or tiles made to look like marble or granite. For a modern look, add matching marble vessel sink on a clean, modern vanity. Break up the vast white with a glass tile backsplash in a cool blue or green. Go three-quarters up the walls of subway tiles. For a vintage look, use black and white octagonal tiles on the floor, a pedestal sink and a claw foot tub.

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Install subway tile bathroom halfway up the walls. Add a contrasting edge and tile in a second color above. Or paint or paper above the tray goes halfway up the walls. Use vinyl wallpaper, since it resists moisture. Choose colored subway tile bathroom on top of the vanity and backsplash. Use white tiles on the walls and the floor, marked with the same tiles you used on vanity and backsplash. Tile halfway up the shower wall with the same color, and finish with white tiles, adding a border in the other tray on the top of the wall, the ceiling. Surrounding the window with colored tiles.