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Barristers Bookcase – A few weeks ago was inaugurated in Madrid the pop up of the publishing house, we all know that its publications tend to have very careful editions and although one should never judge a book by its cover, the truth is that this is an added value; And for lovers of design, their books tend to be very attractive because they deal with interesting topics about art, design, decoration, but also because they take care of their publications in detail. Today we want to propose how to use the books to help us in styling the decoration of our homes.

Posted on December 28, 2017 Home Furniture

If we flip through the decorative magazines, books are often used to support a decorative styling. A couple of books stacked on a table that casually combines their colors with sofa cushions, a book by a famous designer to add a touch of distinction in a bedroom, but also, the way we put our collections of books in barristers bookcase, will help us to get some interesting decorative effects.

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We can see a simple barristers bookcase formed by white shelves placed on metal supports, it is a very economical and practical solution and in this case, the bookstore is not conditioning us anything in the decoration of our home, it happens totally unnoticed, for that reason , The tenants of this house have chosen to give a little creative touch to the way they place their books. They have done so by creating small groups of books of similar colors mixed with other elements that are not books, if not, decorative figures and objects. This is achieved a very simple corner, not pretentious but pleasant to the eye and it is noticed that he has been careful with much care.

In this case, we have a simple barristers bookcase, straight lines and white, very neutral and minimalist, so the focus of attention will be centered on the books it contains. We can observe that this time they have fled from the standard placement of books in vertical letting only see the back. The books are grouped but lying down following a chromatic range and color combination. The bookstore is not completely full, we can see empty areas and some decorative element. It is worth noting the detail of how the lower books have been placed so that the cover is what you see as if it were pictures or photographs.

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