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Buffing wood floors – To polish your hardwood floors do not need to hire expensive services of a specialist. You can do it yourself in a much more practical and simple way you thought until today. To polish wood floors need some materials, which you can rent or lease, or get a loan without acquiring them, because you will not be using as often.

Posted on October 23, 2017 Home Furniture

First, one will need polishing floor. This device, similar to a polisher or an upright vacuum, it works like soft sandpaper that removes a thin layer of floor, including its surface varnish. If you do not have polisher, you can use a mild electric sander or sandpaper and also a bit of effort. You will also need product buffing wood floors, and a brush or roller foam. It is worth having broom and shovel collection by hand, or a good power vacuum.

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Begins to free room of all furniture, releasing floor completely. Then clean floor with clean broom or vacuuming to remove dust and thus facilitate work of polishing. He begins to polish, always from farthest corner of door and in that direction. Whatever method you choose, start by using sandpaper or abrasive bands (in case of polisher) three weights: start at half, then medium-fine grain, and ends with sandpaper or band fine grade. Three will be enough polished, cleaning and removing waste from each to go to facilitate work. After polishing three times or as many as necessary, clean well with vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. Apply a protective layer with a brush or roller. You can use a protective wax or a product protector for buffing wood floors. It starts again, from farthest corner to door, and in that direction. At end of work, let dry perfectly.

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Finally, and dried and sealed protective layer, apply a special buffing wood floors. Leave them bright, and easier to clean and maintain. You can apply by brush, roller or brush, always toward door to not get stuck on floor “wet”. Apply two coats of varnish, letting it dry well between each layer. Let dry perfectly before stepping on or placing furniture. Remember that, depending on climate and temperature of your city, you must wait two to seven days to complete drying. Check manufacturer’s specifications varnish, to be sure of most suitable drying time. Once dry varnish on second layer, he passes polisher to get most shine to newly polish wooden floor. When placing furniture back in place, try to lift and move, rather than dragging them, as this may leave marks on floor.