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Sound reducing curtains – The curtains are essential for every home, not only because they maintain the privacy of environments, but also because they are that let the necessary flow of light to the stay display lit but not too much. But these elements do not fulfill only decorative, but also practical function and one of which is to isolate the noise. Many wonder if there really anti-noise curtains and the answer are yes, and there are not as conventional, obviously. An anti-noise curtain usually made with special materials that isolate bother sounds, allowing us to enjoy a peaceful environment, where we can watch TV, read, and study smoothly.

Posted on November 6, 2017 Home Ideas

One of the great inventions of recent years were the curtain of silence, they fight noise in the different areas where they are located. This invention can today be found in specialized Blanquerias, emerged as an alternative to clinics and hospitals, places where it is needed the most absolute silence so that patients can recover from their trauma. There are two types of sounds that bother boarding schools: the noise coming from outside and those generated inside (those who perform roommates). The idea then was to devise sound reducing curtains, an article that not only surrounds the patient’s bed for it for privacy, but so you can enjoy a full sound insulation.

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In order to carry out this invention, sheets of material sound reducing curtains between two pieces of fabric were placed, and then what was done was hold all this through a package. Among the acoustical materials are coal and metal, the amount and how they are processed to make the curtain will depend on the amount of noise we want to filter. Today this technology is used to make curtains anti-noise ratio for the home, within the qualities we also emphasize that they are very resistant which gives a long life, and also possess combative properties before the fire. It is estimated that these curtains give a reduction of 12 dB, which makes the sound decreases and becomes considerably, depending on the environment, sometimes almost imperceptible.

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Needless to say, due to the type of material wear, sound reducing curtains are much heavier than we are used to seeing, but the advantage we say that are easy to carry and that fold accordion. Its maintenance is simple as they can be washed in a conventional washing machine. Today we see not only in hospitals but also in hotels, factories, schools, recording studios and even vehicles. A significant benefit of the new anti-noise curtains is that the ability of sound reduction can be determined before making them, that is, the materials of the panels can be changed according to customer need acoustics. Ditto for sizes or aspects of the product, the curtains can fit into small spaces and large windows, as they are easy to wash can be used in places where a lot of dirt from building up, which is why factories often choose them over other models .