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Carpet pad thickness – Carpet pad thickness increasingly being used in decoration. While they started being used in hotels and office buildings, as they are extremely practical for their resistance and ease of maintenance, now they decorate many of our homes. In a previous article on carpets, vinyl, I talked about all of the carpet pad in sleek designs, imitation of natural fibers and topped with fretwork, such as carpets keplan KP. In this article, however, I will focus on the latest trend vinyl mats, which are increasingly used designs more original, with prints and amazing colors. The carpet pads are unbeatable for practical purposes. So much so, that not dwell much on this section, I’ll only talk about three of its characteristics, which in my opinion are more differential:

Posted on November 1, 2017 Home Design

Its reduced thickness

The carpet pad thickness have 3 mm thick or less, making them ideal for areas where you have to slide chairs wheeled office chairs or dining, and areas that have to circulate elderly or children , and not slip and do not cause tripping. In addition, this thickness allows them to work very well on under floor heating systems and also makes them an ideal solution when you want to integrate space limiting them only visually, as you’ll see in some of the photos I selected, especially the kitchen integrated in the classroom.

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His great strength

The vinyl mats are made of vinyl and fiberglass, which gives them a great wear resistance and the effect even of the solar radiation. Therefore, they are a decorative very valid option for both indoor and outdoor. As I said in the introduction to this article, carpets and carpet pad thickness were first used in public buildings such as hotels and offices, and sleek designs with predominantly neutral colors. However, since its use has become more widespread to homes, their designs have been greatly enriched, similar to how infinite variety of designs that exist for wall or vinyl wall.

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And also among the classic designs, deserve special attention the carpet pad thickness imitation hydraulic tile, as the principal photography of this article or I teach you below, showing an integrated kitchen in a lounge with a vinyl carpet tile vintage large. In modern designs, you can find vinyl carpet with geometric motifs, with inspirational phrases, with stencil, that writer aesthetics, or imitation of materials like wood. I teach photography precisely I below shows the latter case.