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Small half bathroom ideas – To have a half bath near a home living area is a common feature in many homes. The excellent location makes it easy for guests to use, and because of that, they do not have to step into your family’s main bathroom. Develop plans and ideas for half bathrooms are an opportunity to showcase the style of the homeowner. Layout small half bathroom ideas,  typically the smallest room in the house which is a lean step up from a closet, and sometimes referred to as such, a half bathroom has a sink, toilet and a mirror. A small bathroom with shower is classified as a three-quarter bathroom. Locate the toilet a comfortable distance from the swing of the door in this small space. The sink and mirror can be placed along a wall, but should also have sufficient clearance from the door.

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Colors and textures, there are some pluses to decorate small half bathroom ideas. You can create a lavish design even on a budget because of its small space. The bathroom is also an ideal place to view your favorite colors and textures that may not work in other parts of the house. Go for a deep and warm color palette in the bathroom for a dramatic feel, or use bright colors to make it feel light and airy. The small half bathroom ideas are small enough not to feel like an overwhelming amount of color, even when the paint covers the walls and ceiling. Keep this tight space sanitary and easy to clean by installing the tile on the floors and walls. If you tile on the walls from floor to ceiling, you will never have to paint your walls. But if you are tiles on the walls halfway, this will be the bottom half of the bathroom easy to clean and prevent the walls from being damaged by moisture over time.

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Fixtures, the drama in your small half bathroom ideas is complete with your choice of fittings. In the design choices for your walls and floors, installing a coordinating sink and toilet set. The slim design of a pedestal sink is an appropriate fit for small half-bathroom space. The area around the sink base gives the bathroom an open feel. But when you need a little space in your bathroom, choose a sink with cabinet base. Standard sink and cabinet units are available in small sizes that fit in small half bathroom ideas.

Choose a water-efficient, single-unit toilet for your small half bathroom ideas. They are easier to install than models with a separate tank and slimmer models may not dominate the room’s limited space. Make your bathroom sparkle with silver or gold tones. Splash around the bathroom with sink and toilet fixtures, clothes hooks bathroom, a towel rod, toilet roll and glamorous fixtures