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4×8 subway tile – Subway tiles are rectangular tiles made of any material. They come in a variety of sizes; one of the sizes is 4 x 8 inches. They can be installed in a variety of patterns, with the most common are running bond or offset pattern. Subway tile is often installed in the backsplash areas, alone or with accents for the simple patterns that tiles can create once installed. Setting them happening in the same way as other types of tiles, with the pattern, beforehand.

Posted on November 26, 2017 Home Ideas

Things you need to setting 4×8 subway tile backsplash are: Screwdriver, Grease pencil, Tile wet saw, Thinnest mortar, Trowel, Flat table, rubber hammer, Grout, grout float, Grout sponge, Caulk. After the preparations all of the things, show this more instructions. First, turn off the power to the backsplash and remove outlet covers. Put them aside and clean off the counters in front of the backsplash, of all materials and equipment.

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Second, outlay 4×8 subway tile on the kitchen table in front of the backsplash to determine the best design and layout of the tiles. Practice putting the tiles in their pattern whether a running belt, stacked or herringbone to become familiar with how they should look. Third, mark the tiles must be cut around the edges and around the business with a grease pencil. Cut the tiles to fit on a tile wet saw and double check their fit with the other pieces before installing. Fourth, spread a small amount of thinnest mortar on the backsplash. Working from the bottom up, setting the tiles in thinnest at a slight angle and turning it gently. After several tiles are up, place a flat board over them and hit it lightly with a rubber mallet to set the tiles fixed in the mortar.

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Fifth, wait 24 to 48 hours after the tiles have been put up on the wall, the mortar dry. Grout the tiles by dragging a rubber grout float above them at a 45 – degree angle to push the grout between joints. Turn the float to ninety degrees and scrape off excess grout from the tiles. Wait 10 minutes, and then wash off the excess grout haze from tiles with a damp sponge. Last, fill out the edges of the plant in the corners, and the 4×8 subway tile meet countertop with caulk. Squeeze a thin bead into these areas, and then smooth it in place with your index finger.