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Brown couch decor – A friend’s day commented that one of the items that bothered her most was the brown couch she had inherited from her mother-in-law. I, who do not like to see anyone fighting with one’s own home, suggested more quickly than she had a cover made or changed the fabric of the said one, but she commented that she had (undated) plans to change it and she did not want to invest Money by reforming the darn.

Posted on December 1, 2017 Home Decor

Some people hesitate to use brown couch decor for fear of creating depersonalized environments. However, color can bring a number of benefits to the environment when well used. To decorate a living room with brown couch, you need to worry about combinations and contrasts.

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These are ideas brown color in the decoration. Before you bet on buying a brown couch decor, try to know the symology of color. Found in the decoration in different shades, the brown is directly associated with stability and enhances the feeling of coziness in the living room. Although introspective, the color demonstrates power when it manages to emphasize another more enlightened tone in the environment. Considered a sober and striking tone, brown is much used in the interior decoration of houses, mainly because it is the natural color of the wood. However, the tonality cannot be predominant because it leaves the environments darkened, closed, realistic and sad.

Using brown couch decor upholstery can be found for sale in different models, which vary in size, shape and finish. The pieces usually have a smooth finish, without prints to avoid compromising the brown effect. As for the material, the synthetic leather still stands out among the models of couch. The brown couch is perfect for rustic environments, but when presented with straight lines design, it combines with a contemporary decoration proposal. So that the living room does not look very dark, betting on the contrast strategy is ideal.

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While the couch adds brown color to the living room, the furniture needs to go hand in hand with light tones, as is the case with white. Poured shelves, coffee table with glass and clean curtains leave the room with a very light and receptive appearance. Prefer white walls or pastels while color can be present in the accessories. The use of brown couch decor in the room decoration also requires rug in neutral tone to mark a balanced contrast. Regarding the use of prints in the room, they can be present in the cushions and put a wonderful color effect on the decoration. For those wishing to work with the color blocking trend, it is worth noting that brown serves as a background for lemon yellow, turquoise, pink, red and purple