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Coffered ceiling – Coffered ceiling is the roof, armor or coffered vault (wood, stone or other materials) and shaped trough inverted. Coffer is the constructive element concave polygon, molding and trims, arranged in series is the coffered ceiling. It comes from the word hood. They can be wood or beams located on the roofs whose holes are covered with ornaments. Generally this name refers to the entire roof with wooden decor, which solves the structural problems of buildings, and especially the realization of floor slabs and trusses.

Posted on November 18, 2017 Home Decor

They are mainly in the Moorish architecture and Muslim. An apartment marked character Nordic and which especially highlights the squares of its coffered ceiling that give personality and make it unique in its kind. Starting at the beginning, the lobby welcomes us with soil hydraulic Moroccan style, very functional because it serves zone to remove his shoes without soil or spoil the beautiful and exotic dark wood floor that is in the rest of the house. From here you have direct access to the staircase leading to the most private area of the house and the large open space is the kitchen and living room. A large area of 63 m2 with dark wood floors and contrasts with the target on which are painted all over the walls.

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The kitchen, white, modern and functional, play contrast to the coffered ceiling in color and black brick wall of a side which also brings texture. On the other hand, it has taken the millimeter the stairwell to place all appliances that are half – hidden from the perspective of the room, contributing to a sense of order and cleanliness. The living room, natural extension of the kitchen, is a large open space that welcomes all visitors as a major axis of the social life of this duplex.

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Highlights several elements in it like it is, on the side of the windows, the great work of carpentry furniture as going from side to side and serves not only to cover the radiators, but space varied storage, including a storage area television can be removed when needed. Other highlights include the great work shelf built into the wall and of course the wonderful coffered ceiling that give a unique and very special character. On the top floor is the private area of the house with a bedroom, a study and a bathroom that is accessed via a staircase with painted wall decorated in tartan paper.