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Replacing bathtub faucet – When the taps in your bath start leaking, please take the time to fix the problem. When you have leaky faucets, you have two options. Repair the taps if you think that the problem is less and if your taps are relatively new. Replacing bathtub faucets if your leak is more severe, or if your taps are old and damaged rendering in any way. You can also replace your faucets if you want to update the look of your contemporary bathroom.

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Turn off the water to your replacing bathtub faucet. Turn the tap to drain some water from the tap before you start working on it. Remove the cap from the tap. The cock will have a CAP that you have to pry off or screwing. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the screw holding on tap, and drag pressure from the assembly. Set your crescent wrench to fit the nut. Screw nut, and remove it. Remove the disc. Pry it out with a screwdriver, if it will not let go easily. Use penetrating oil to assist in removing the washing machine, where it will not come out any other way. Replace bathtub faucet the disc and rebuild the tap in the exact order you took it apart.


Select appropriate new taps. Unless you want to engage in a major renovation, select taps working in the same format as your existing taps. This means that if you currently have only one touch to control hot and cold water, replace it with the same type of pressure. The same applies to configurations which are currently has double taps and replacing bathtub faucet. Turn off the water supply and drain valves by opening them full.

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Remove old taps completely. Remove tap heads from the front, and then use the basin wrench to remove the tap connector from the rear where the tap meets the water supply line. Saw off the end of a pipe, if it is rusted and damaged, and connect the new replacing bathtub faucet to clean copper pipes. Ensure that the new taps are centered in the holes. You can use a kit to help you achieve this. Connect the new taps for delivery tube with tap connector. Remember to use a new disc for tap connector.