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Reclaimed wood wall – Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used in various construction projects in years past and has been salvaged or reclaimed for use in new construction projects. This great reclaimed wood can be used to create new hardwood floors, serve as a framework for new housing and other buildings, or even be used to finish the walls or basement areas. Reclaimed wood is an effective way to utilize the available resources. In addition, the wood from old houses also visually appealing and add character to a newly constructed home. A headboard can show off a bed, making it the focal point of any bedroom. You can make your own custom headboard that enhances existing design and decor of your bedroom. You only need a few materials and basic craft skills.

Posted on December 16, 2017 Home Decor

Reclaimed wood wall ideas put an entire wall to a dramatic headboard with color and molding purchased from hardware or home and garden center. Use images of architectural elements and hand-carved wall panels from books and magazines for inspiration. Mimicking you looks by painting the wall a spot color and attach painted wood moldings on the wall with a nail gun. Make sure the strips are positioned above the cushion height and within a foot of the ceiling. You can also hang a large painting on the wall over the bed framed by casting.

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Reclaimed wood wall can transform a plain wall into a rustic headboard. Attach it to the wall 2 meters above the bed and pillows. Clearing forest for a cottage feel or stain those to match the existing wood in the room. You can also give an old metal gate new life by converting it into a wall headboard. You can find vintage gates metal garden of ancient architectural or supply stores. Spice it up with cleaning and new layers of paint before attaching it to the wall above the bed.

Reclaimed wood wall an unusable headboard of the appropriate size of a flea market or second-hand furniture shop. Clean and strip it of existing finishes and color. Use interior paint to create a whimsical design. If your painting skills will not let you become the next great artist, just use bright paint colors and masking tape to paint blocks of color. When the paint is dry, applying a paint sealer. Let it dry completely before you attach it to the wall

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