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Reclaimed wood office desk – Properly choosing office furniture is not only about giving personality to the work space but also giving employees tools that facilitate their daily tasks. That is why it is important to take into account several factors before implementing them, especially those that are essential, such as desks. Recovered rustic wooden desk / table. Handmade, sanded slightly to expose the rustic wood. Walnuts finish preserving its beauty.

Posted on October 10, 2017 Home Furniture


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Home Office Desk WoodSize: 985 x 768

As adjustment saved iron legs complete this piece of rustic furniture and very resistant. Perfect detail for its rustic, Industrial, Loft feeling of home or office decor. It is the classic case of this reclaimed wood office desk is pretty run down and has not even shooters. What can you think you can do? A coat of paint will work miracles. The color chosen was one cheerful and striking and shooters are pretty classic but topped this new design. Before doing these steps is necessary to treat the wood: sanding, cleaning, apply primer … We’ve already explained what to do to recover a timber. In the next picture you can see the result. With a complement skillfully chosen as this globe, the desktop has taken on a new life.


From a distance you can see that it has become like new, but nothing is further from reality. What good – or at least I like- is that from close range over the years by the wood is: the veins and minor knocks but covered by paint are visible. Detail furniture recovered. As appreciate the wood have different projections. This type of antique furniture used to be very polished wood. At present it is not very common. The reclaimed wood office desk have straight lines and lack of projections, so having a desk of these features will star in the room in which the ubiquitous. Although the desk I think I like it could be a bit risky.

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It occurs to me that at the top could have made the drawing of the British flag that is so fashionable now. After upgrading the reclaimed wood office desk, I felt the need to get my hands on something where you have to hand the post its, pencils, markers, and utensils several commonly use. I looked in stores something to convince me, but I found nothing to my taste and needs, so it was easier to design and make me a custom and matching desk. This is tips about desk.