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Undercounter beverage cooler – The category of mini or undercounter beverage cooler includes everything from portable beverage coolers that hold no more than a six-pack cans and plugs into the 12-volt power outlet in your car, truck or RV, for a free-standing Mini refrigerator- freezer found in so many dorm rooms, to the built-in undercounter refrigerator and freezer. Built-in undercounter refrigerators are also included European-designed refrigerator drawers and drawer cabinets are found in many high-end homes today, and refrigerator outdoors visible on the porch and patio, all the more versatile and flexible than their full-size cousins.

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The main advantage of undercounter beverage cooler and the freezer is their compact size. Some are small enough to be truly portable and can be used in cars, trucks, campers, as well as houses, dormitories and offices. Others are a bit larger and heavier, making them less portable, but still smaller and more flexible than full-size refrigerator and freezer.

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Here are six main reasons and / or use for undercounter beverage cooler; if you live in a terraced house, you may want to have access to cold drinks and snacks or frozen treats without having to travel to the main floor where the kitchen is located. This can include undercounter refrigerator-freezer at a rate of wet bar or family room lower, central coffee / drinks on the second floor master suite in the luxury or even the second floor teenagers retreat.

If you are a student living in a dorm or you live in a studio apartment or rent a room, you may not have room for or access to a full size undercounter beverage cooler. Some of the large kitchen in the new house upscale and high-end home remodeling including additional refrigerator and freezer space designed for kid’s drinks and snacks or drinks for guests. In these applications, conventional undercounter refrigerators and freezers, as well as a new refrigerator and freezer drawers are often exploited.

undercounter beverage cooler is also becoming more common in the outdoor kitchen on the covered veranda and terrace, where a portable barbecue grills replaced by a built-in grill, wood-fired pizza oven, burners for simmering sauces and side dishes and plentiful counter space for food preparation. In a small kitchen remodeling, especially small galley kitchen, more and more people are choosing undercounter refrigerators and freezers, including a refrigerator and freezer drawers, in their efforts to open up the kitchen to the other living space and make it feel more spacious kitchenette.

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