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Quarter sawn oak flooring – the short answer quarter sawn oak flooring is that the tree is cut down and covered with boards and pieces, dried and then machine it to the quarter sawn oak flooring, but that greatly simplifies the process. 1 for each selected tree and then scan. Often splintered tree bottom of the top, and it is used for the bottom of the Board while the upper part is often used for beams. Then draw the rod saw factory and then determine the best way to get on board, and perhaps the best tree. The most common way “through and through”. This is where you put on the shelf of the tree and then passed a large wedge of wood bandsaw in much the same way as meat pork chops or supermarket. You can use different ways to cut a tree for the expression of different types of grain, such as a quarter (when the tree is “accommodating” and then closed the quarter with the Council, and this tends to reveal the grain directly)

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Quarter sawn oak flooring when fresh cut oak, levels between 60% and 80%, but oak flooring that need much lower levels of 10-12%. This limit is achieved by drying wood in two phases. Slides will be stacked with a stick that separates each Board as it allows air to pass through the piles of wood and provides a natural drying. After melting a lot of moisture, ready boards and then dried in an oven. Air drying process is slow compared to ovens, drying is done by mother nature, less expensive process. On the contrary, the remaining wood is naturally more drying amount of money which is then tied up in stocks. In part, this explains why choose different manufacturers to switch to dry the moisture content oven is a little different. Some manufacturers will be parallel to the paper machine after wood air dry but before the kilning process, while others will parallel wooden boards after diovin engine. The former usually end up with a slightly distorted his Council in the drying process, while the parallel Council guarantee. Now that dry Board and more or less parallel to the device they can be completed. The instruments are large and expensive planers with different number of partitions. Often determine how much planers reduction device. It may be a small engine 4, 5 or 6 planers “head” while big machine can be more.

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This will be the fourth machine head planers side Board at one time. With very large cutting machine each machine will be a small amount of material, there will be some duplication of each cutter cut that gradually reduce the size. This often leads to a better finish. Smaller search engines will often (but not always) to accept lower quality, material handling and processing twice or more slowly. Some factories will have two or more machines in the series with the first rough cut finishing second. Quality and speed of rotation knife planers planers taskbar also has an effect on quality. Then I entered the word finally a device called “the view.” The arena specifically designed for cutting quarter sawn oak flooring and cut the tip of the tongue and Groove to the end.

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Then the quarter sawn oak flooring is ready to install and turn your floor into something of beauty and warmth. Oak is a very tactile materials and durable, and also very versatile in preparation that can accommodate it, everything from the 16th century thatched cottage to modern apartments. If you have an Oak floor, appreciate and enjoy and admire mother nature’s gifts to us.