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Snap together vinyl flooring – is a flexible coating for placement requires prior preparation of the soil. The surface should be as level as possible and without irregularities. It is a common condition in two formats: continuous and tiles. The first sold in rolls of different widths, from 2 to 4 meters, while the second is made up of independent self – adhesive tiles. The vinyl coating roll is suitable for small rooms. The reason is that the placement process is complicated, since it consists of cutting and gluing the material. The tiles are self – adhesive vinyl and simplify work, but require prior layout of the ground.

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The snap together vinyl flooring, or rubber, as is commonly known, are again fashionable. This type of soil started it look almost five years, in the 60s and 70s in many homes this type of soil was used as it was much cheaper and easier to install than to work to put ceramic tile. Today, either economically and which it is easy to assemble, or the variety of finishes available there, the fact is that this soil has been reborn and many imitations slick.  Vinyl floors are made of PVC. They are impervious surfaces supporting the contact with water.

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Therefore, its maintenance is simple. For everyday cleaning just spend a wet mop in a solution of mild soap and water. On a regular basis, specific waxes can be used for greater brightness and increase protection of the coating. The floor where we will stick vinyl floor must be perfectly clean. We must sweep and then scrub. When it has dried we can start hitting the ground. If the floor where we will put the floor cracks, we must first repair. If not, then these same cracks will be scored in the vinyl floor. If we are going to hit snap together vinyl flooring above a normal tile floor, before we take a thin layer of mortar to level all joints between tile and tile.

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Depending on the design and size of the soil, its placement can vary. To be sure to ask the seller or look in the same packaging soil for instructions. It is weaker and more delicate than wood or ceramics, is minced and can break more easily and, finishing, but very accomplished, no longer an imitation. Here are some “buts” that has snap together vinyl flooring. But otherwise we must recognize that it is very practical, easy to install and economical. Three properties highly valued today.