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Pool coping pavers – Install slate pass around a pool coping pavers is like installing any other tiles or stone coping, a term for the material around the edge of the pool itself. Slate is typically less dense than other pool coping pavers options such as quartzite or limestone and easier to cut; properly sealed shale projects a beautiful variety of colors and textures and will add a very distinctive touch to your pool setting.

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Clean the concrete area where the cap will be installed along the edge of the pool coping pavers. Dry or wipe away dirt and grime. For square or rectangular pools, determine your first piece of slate pool coping pavers in a corner of the pool; for circular basins, the starting point is not important. Do not add more mortar and ensure that the rounded or bullnose edge of the slate facing the pool. Make sure that the shale cap fits the dimensions at the edge of the pool.

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Continue “dry installation” of the rest of the slate coping pieces; again, does not add any mortar yet, and place the slate pieces along the concrete perimeter of the pool. If you do, it will confirm that you have adequate shale and confirm the dimensions of the pieces needed to be cut. Leave space for the cut pieces and set them aside. Number each piece to remember where it is and highlight the concrete along the edge of each piece of slate with chalk builder.

Cutting slate pieces using a wet saw and, if necessary, to a 4-inch grinder bullnose cut or raised, rounded edges because these edges cannot pass through the wet tile saw. Mix the mortar and thin-set in separate buckets, adding water to a medium consistency in both materials. Apply a thin layer of thin-set first to the installation area – this will ensure a proper bond and recommended -. ‘Crib’ then adds regular mortar to create a mortar Apply a thin layer of thin-set or “skin” on the back of the slate piece and gently place it on the mortar bed. Tap it into place with a mason’s mallet and level from left to right.

Install the expansion joint material between slate pool coping pavers and related materials. Use special foam and poetry; consult a professional for this step. Add the grout into the spaces between the slate copings and allow 24 hours for it to dry before applying a sealant.

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