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The rain gutter chains or Rain Chains are the perfect substitute for traditional spouts life. Do the same function, they do not accumulate as much dirt as leaves, mud, etc., and of course are much more decorative for our garden. The rain chains can buy ready – made or make them ourselves with different materials and objects. And as we like to bring you ideas for decorating as economic as possible, original rain chains made from recycled materials or easy to find .

Posted on November 7, 2017 Home Furniture

If you are a little hands and have the tools and materials can make yourself a string of rain gutter chains to decorate your garden. If you decide to make one, and also pretendeis recycle that water to irrigate the garden after for example, I advise you to avoid using materials that corrode or segregation is highly polluting, such as iron or copper as the water would be contaminated to some way and be useless as well if rust begins to appear, corrupting the entire chain will rain to destroy her.

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Another factor you have to consider, is the wind, therefore we must hold them firmly both the floor and the roof where water collected. These these basic tips to make a rain gutter chains, we will see these 10 original strings of rain that we bring you today. If you want to increase the attractiveness of your home by installing rain chains it is a good idea, especially if you know how to install gutters with rain chains. Usually, the rain chains are very popular in Japan, but are earning their place in US homes

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They are replacing gutters in a more acceptable appearance, usually with a series of objects such as cubes or hoods connected together. They have the same function as the downspout, which is to divert rainwater to the ground. The first thing to do is place the attachment expandable channel in the hole where the downspout that used to be installed, the attachment that comes with the rain gutter chains. Connect the rain chain to the base of the expandable attachment and connect the other end of the earth with the built-shaped V game. The rain chain should be upwards. You can verify this with a level. If desired, you can also divert water into a rain barrel or drain pipe instead of letting it pour on the floor. At the end you can enjoy your new home look while having an efficient system of gutters.