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Lockable mailboxes – Give it a unique and different touch to your home is very simple, just add a personal air and decorate to your liking. What do you think start the mailbox? Paint:  is the most basic decoration for a mailbox, but you can always give a personal touch with a drawing. Brick and wood: are the safest and resistant mailboxes. A good alternative if the rest of your house is still the same decor. Recycling: plastic bottles, computer towers, etc.

Posted on October 26, 2017 Home Ideas

Always attached to a wooden base and cover. If you want to have a house all your personal and unique style, Included in this process decorating your letterbox. There are several styles depending on the difficulty you want. Can be done by painting, using wood, brick making or recycled materials, you choose to. Paint the lockable mailboxes, the simplest option. One of the simplest variant is to paint the mailbox. It’s an easy way to give a different touch to yours. To do this you can use as much paint as wallpaper or fabric. choose a shade that fits with the overall decor of the house and wear one painting special wood or metal as is made of a material or another.

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If you want to make any particular drawing you can do three things: – Buy templates already made. – Make the drawing yourself. – Buy copy paper and go over the edges of the drawing to be printed in the lockable mailboxes silhouette. The downside of this option is that it will be able to spot it and painted, as this type of paper has a lot of ink. Another more elaborate design is to make a mailbox bricks. Those of this type are usually highly valued because they are aesthetic and safe. Yes, elaborate only if the bricks are an important part of the internal or external decoration of your home.

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The good thing about this type of boxes is that you can create different shapes and even add some plant or a birdhouse. To make it, first drawings the design that you want and take measures of size and shape that will have the mailbox. With a fat pencil marks in making the situation mailbox and buy the materials to manufacture it (plaster and bricks) and get to work. Go slowly giving it the right way. The lockable mailboxes wood are the most common, especially in US homes, we’ve all seen one in the movies.