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Bali faux wood blinds – give you the look of real wood blinds and the value that comes with sustainability faux wood. The blinds are flat, moisture resistant slats that reflect the real wood. They are available in a variety of colors and wood grain. Choice for Bali faux wood blinds, No holes blinds have notches on the back of each slat replacing routing holes. This patented design allows you to increase your privacy and control the light coming into the home. This also provides better closure than conventional blinds. Fabric ribbons are accents that run vertically and cover route holes and cord. This further improves privacy and light control. According to your decor, fabric ribbons to match or contrast your blinds. Bali faux blinds offer battery-powered operation. The blinds open and close with remote control and can also be programmed to open and close according to your specifications.

Posted on October 28, 2017 Home Decor

Material for build Bali faux wood blinds, they are made of a combination of wood and vinyl. This material combination creates a moisture resistant splint and is ideal for high humidity rooms, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Polymer coat resists scratches and dents, as well. Bali faux blinds require little maintenance and wipe clean with a wet towel.

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Bali Blinds And ShadesSize: 1440 x 960

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If you want to replace the traditional window shades with anything else, you should consider shutters or blinds. In addition to being effective they are also stylish. There are many designs and options so you can use them as decorative pieces. Bali is a trademark of Spring Window Fashions, a manufacturer of shutters. It is 70 years old and has made a name for blinds and shades they create. There are two different types of Bali faux wood blinds: custom blinds and shades, blinds and shades value. If you choose custom blinds you choose the more expensive option, but with the advantage to make them like the rest of the decorations in your house. Safety blinds are just cheaper and easier to install.

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There are other divisions of the two main types. Natural shades are a type. The characteristic of the fact that they are made of organic material such as bamboo or jute. They are better for the environment and you can customize them in many ways. Cellular shades are best for maintaining the temperature in a room during both summer and winter. They are very good insulators for both heat and sound.

The Bali faux wood blinds are of two types: Bali Northern Heights and Design Basics. The wood makes them more environmentally friendly than other types but they are still easy to customize and use. Being available in many patterns and colors Bali faux wood blinds can be used with any decor and this makes them an excellent choice for your house or even your office.