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Shag rag rug – The carpets have been made in one form or another for thousands of years, and there are many types to choose from. Some of the most beautiful area rugs come from the Middle East, mainly Pakistan and Iran, where they are made by hand with beautiful patterns and colors. Persian carpets are available in many sizes, from small prayer rugs of about 6 square meters for large rugs that can measure up to 20×30 meters in size. Other styles include carpet woven carpets, traditionally made of rags and used clothing, and contemporary carpets made of shag or synthetic materials.

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Composed of simple waste materials, this blanket is easy enough for kids to do, and a craft relaxing for adults to work in spare moments during the day. You can add a shag rag rug  in front of the crib or in a padded rocking chair. For accessories, set a lava lamp on the dressing table, a troll doll mobile over the crib, and crocheted blankets of yellow and gold on the rocking chair. Motley shag throw rugs on the floor to save money over buying wall-to-wall shag carpet. Throw rugs allow you to remove them as soon as the child begins to crawl. Removing this thick carpet is necessary that small items can hide in thick plush a shag rug, like a baby can put into the mouth.

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Shag carpets became famous in vogue in the late 1960s and early 1970s, especially since the carpet choice for many a social gathering. Although shag rag rug will always be associated with this era, it actually dates back hundreds of years in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. In fact, high quality shag rugs are still made today built by hand and dyed a variety of custom colors. In Turkey, shag rugs are believed to bring good luck and are popular household items. Even authentic shag rugs are expensive outside the Turkish markets, is also styled imitation floor rugs are sold worldwide.

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Use a shag rag rug to add drama and texture to your bathroom floor. Shag rugs are slightly more expensive than conventional bath rugs, but add a touch of style to even the most utilitarian of rooms. Shag rugs come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles, so finding one you like for your bathroom will not be difficult. As Shag rugs are MP, you will also need to buy a non-slip pad under the rug to use it in the bathroom.