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Cat scratcher lounge – Love your cat, but I hate carpet cat scratcher’s bad taste? You want something that will see their cats love and super cool in your house? These cowardly cat scratches elements are of high quality and design. You will be proud to have one in the living room as a work of abstract art. Cats love this functional piece, but sculptural furniture. Unique contours of bed offer a perfect base nap, while its structure provides a seductive surface scratching – more than 6 feet long by 1 foot wide.

Posted on November 3, 2017 Home Design

Cat scratcher lounge is made from friendly materials environment, non-toxic adhesives and containing 35 percent recycled minimum, the part has multiple layers of laminated cardboard and fiber board’s end to form a visually complex design, but simple. Heavy special-internal corrugated formulation provides a durable surface scratch, while light outside walls is removed as wear-corrugated inner. Furthermore, the outer walls of individual cardboard “provided” to cushion the edges cat paws. Natural alternative for a healthy lifestyle, “bed scraper” offers a long term solution scratch, eliminating the need for declawing operations damaged and / or modification of the stressful behavior.

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The elegant and modern furniture organic is a cat. Its design combines Zen symmetry, functionality and minimalism in a beautiful cat scratcher lounge. Accents decorations with a modern touch. It includes shelves carpet cubicle hiding, multi-level to roost and sisal fabric panel to the height. Shelves can support more than 50 pounds each. Cubby can also be used to hide the trash. Made of sheet plywood and MDF for resistance. Polyurethane stains and scratches resistance. Assembly required. The tools included. Measuring 20 x 20 x 69 cm assembled together.

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Snooze our Scratch N ‘is a combo of three-in-one that nest together for easy storage. Each piece has a contoured surface for scratching and snoozing. Composed of at least 30% recycled and 100% recyclable. It includes a bag of Certified Organic Catnip. Available in the model of your choice or in a case of assortments. The patented cat scratcher lounge modern critter curved plywood is minimal and elegant in form and yet provides greater flexibility in color and configuration of any modern cat scratcher. Hang on the wall to create a hanger, or put it in a corner of his room, where it takes up almost no space at all. The tiles can be easily changed for replacement of worn parts or tiles to customize their appearance … use colors and designs to your liking, and change all the time you want.