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Unique shower curtains – Shower curtains are considered a mere bath accessory, however, they have the power to completely transform the style and appearance of your bathroom. Shower curtains are available in a wide selection of designs, patterns, styles and fabrics, but there are many ways to create unique shower curtains that are all your own. Before deciding that store bought curtain, check out these ideas and let your bathroom reflects its originality.

Posted on November 15, 2017 Home Design

Almost any type of fabric can be used as a unique shower curtains, although a coating is essential for the protection of materials that are not waterproof. You can even use a sheet if you want. Most leaves have a folding lid, and by removing the two short sides along the seams, can create the opening for the rod. With this in mind, you can take an old white sheet, a few rubber bands and dye to create a fun favorite tie-dye colored shower curtain. Before you start wondering how on earth you can find accessories to match with a curtain tie-dye, just remember that tie-dye does not necessarily mean an explosion of multiple bright colors. You can use soft pink or beige and allow the tie-dye technique to create a look unique texture.

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Leather can be used for a bath male-o-western theme unique shower curtains. If your bathroom has been limited ventilation, however, you may want to consider imitation leather or vinyl because it is more resistant to moisture and water damage. Either way, a coating is needed. Alternatively, you can use lace or eyelet for a ultra feminine look. The combination of white lace with colored lining creates an effect of single layers.

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You can glam up your existing curtain simply outline the design or motif with jewels. You can attach pearls and jewels, either sew or glue on them. There are also tools such as be dazzler, that will make this an easy project. You can also glam to the bathroom making your own curtain using sequins or metallic fabric. You will need a sewing machine to finish the ends and create the loop at the top of the curtain rod. Standard shower curtains measuring 72 x 72, so you will have enough material to that size. Again, a simple sheet of white or light colored cotton can be a canvas for creating your own custom shower curtain. You can monogram your unique shower curtains with fabric paint letters and clippings to create labels.