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Full duvet cover – In times of economies like those in which we live right now wits must not give up the beautiful things in life. So today we bring you a simple tutorial to make a nice duvet cover. This useful and practical bedding usually has a slightly higher price but it is very easy to make a duvet cover at home, provided we have sewing machine and not scare us the size of the piece.

Posted on November 29, 2017 Home Decor

So let’s get down to work and launch into the adventure. My system was to create a piece of sewn retaliatory, that already had told you before. Once joined together the strips, one plate diet was necessary, premiere iron, is great and as it was not enough, I added a piece of cotton sheeting that at some point in my life someone gave me. It was intact, a very nice cotton, high quality, and the whitest white. With that already have mounted face outside the full duvet cover.

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Then came the cut, because of course retaliatory strips of different sizes were so touched cut to match. As I did not dare much, and the piece was very large and therefore also the risk, I took another full duvet cover reference to match the measures. First I cut the top and bottom, for it is only necessary to put the cover already done this we are creating, we give a few centimeters more for what seams and hems, and the rest outside, cut. On the bottom I left as is, because they were straight strips. On the top, the white fabric is where we decided to cut. I scored a straight using very long line rules, and that’s it simple.

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Then the sides. The first was easy. With the same system that had marked the upper edge of the white sheet, I dialed the side. You need the ironing board or a large table to extend the fabric, a long rule, if you also have a large great squad, with her always keep the straight line and not tilted. It is to be patient, make a straight line with chalks on the side of the future sheath, cut, and over lock. And now comes the trap-saving I made up, and I’ll tell you. You see, it turns out that with this we have only the visible part of the full duvet cover. This is easy tips about duvet cover.