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Lighted mirror vanity – The mirrors were used by Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek and Roman civilizations and occupy a very important place in mythology and superstitions around the world. From the mirror shield Perseus used to defeat Medusa to Lewis Carrol’s book Alice through the looking glass. These objects reflect most of the light that strikes its surface and have become an indispensable part of our daily routine grooming.

Posted on November 8, 2017 Home Furniture

There are mirrors walls or flat on the floor, with classical or modern form, large and small. Today we have chosen a very special one that will not leave anyone indifferent dresser lighted mirror vanity. We all wanted get hold of one and feel like movie stars or theater as we coped. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or building a new one, pays special attention to lighting. As a perfect complement, mirrors play an important role, as they reflect light and help improve the lighting of a space. Take into account these tips to brighten your bathroom like a pro! Lighting vanity mirrors and bathroom designers recommend include two lights at the ends of the toilet, one on each side of the mirror.

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Lighted Bathroom MirrorsSize: 1600 x 1071

Placing these lights depend on the size of the lighted mirror vanity. In general, the lights are installed at least 80 cm apart and at eye level. Select sources of warm light: it makes skin tones look better and provides accurate shaving and applying makeup lighting. Declare your style decorative lighting can be a powerful reference in your bathroom. Along with lighting, mirror frames can be used to makes a style statement: colorful lamps hanging sphere and chandeliers can give definition to your bathroom, combined with mirrors with frames (simple or ornate details) or without him. The rule is simple: if your decorative lamp is full of details, uses simple frames; and a lamp with basic shapes, you can use complex frames, full detail.

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The perfect addition to your bathroom lighted mirror vanity you share a general rule that will be very useful: if you have a dressing table, for example, about 80 cm, your mirrors and lighting elements must be only a few centimeters closer: within the range of 70 to 75 centimeters. The bulbs on both sides of the mirror or even surrounding him are the most important features of these parts. The lighting makes them very bright and ideal for getting a theatrical aesthetics in our bathroom, toilet or dressing room.