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Stair runner rods – in the same way you would install regular mats, which involves using the stickiness (or newer tackles) strips and a carpet stretcher to hold the runner in place. This is the best method for permanent runners on any type of stairs because it’s the safest. As long as your staircase does not curve, you can choose faster, easier methods to install your runners, but they may not be so safe, so be careful when employing alternative methods, particularly on busy stairs.

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Choose an electric staple gun and staples long enough to penetrate the carpet and far into the wood if you staple your carpet runners. You can hide the staples at least somewhat by spreading carpet nap with your fingers and press the staple gun down to the base before sending any staples in the carpet. If your stairs have “noses” that sticks out of each stage, you can staple the runner to the bottom of the nose also. Start at the top and stretch runners before applying each row of staples.

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Secure easy stair runner rods with double-sided tape. This allows you to remove the stair runner rods every once in a while for washing, but to remove it too often will reduce the impact of band. Place a piece of tape the whole width of the slider in the back and front of each step and the base of each riser. Press runners firmly in place at every step, and test it to make sure that the carpet is safe and free from wrinkles and lumps that may cause tripping. Tape is a good method for concrete steps, such as those leading to the basement and you can use it with indoor / outdoor carpet on the outside stairs.

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Stair rods and holds an excellent method for installing stair runner rods if you anticipate having to remove the runner for any reason, including washing or change the look of your stairs. Stair runner rods install on each step’s riser. They generally consist of a bracket at each end holding the rod in place. The rod attaches over the carpet runner, clamp in place when the brackets are closed. Stair holds similar stakes, but will keep the runner only from each side, not all the way across similar rods. Both methods should be used only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. They generally require a non-slip surface is placed under the runners, and some types may require additional fastening methods matte edge at the top of the stairs.