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Rug gripper pad – are what’s left of a carpet roll after it has been used for wall-to-wall carpeting. Remains are usually much cheaper per square foot, but they come in odd sizes. Instead of carpeting an entire room, you can cut a piece of the relic and use it as a carpet. Because it has no backing, you must use a rug gripper pad if you plan to use it on the wooden floor.

Posted on November 29, 2017 Home Decor

Place an old rug or cardboard pad on the floor. You will use these measurements for your new carpet. Add the rug gripper pad face down on top. Measure the carpet using a straight edge ruler. Mark the measurements on the back with a pencil. Weigh down the carpet remnant with a heavy object. If you do not have anything to weigh on the carpet, you can kneel on the carpet to keep it down.

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Place the ruler along a line, and pull the blade of the utility knife or carpet knife along the edge. If you cut from the edge of the remnant, start your cut a few inches from the edge. Slide the blade against the ruler to cut along the marked lines. Repeat until the remnant trimmed to size. Applying mat edge sealer to the edge of the new carpet. A carpet edge sealer keeps the edges of the carpet from unraveling. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and applying the sealer.

New rug gripper pad can transform the look of your home. It can also emit a strong, unpleasant odor that can give you a headache and keep you from enjoying your newly decorated room. The smell will because the carpet is off-gassing chemicals from the manufacturing process. These chemicals include formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and adhesives,

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Although it may take as long as four weeks for a mat to release any chemicals, bad smell usually fades within a few days. After a new carpet is installed, open the nearby window, and run your house fan to ventilate the chemicals faster. If the smell is very strong, you can use activated carbon, either in containers in the room or filters for your air ducts, to help absorb the smell.

Some people are sensitive to the chemicals found in the new carpet. Besides dealing with the bad smell, they are experiencing health issues such as headaches and nausea. Avoid new carpet for the first days after its installation can help reduce the risk of these symptoms,