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Rod iron railings – Perilla is called fencing different reconfiguration that, first, serves to provide a comfortable movement along the ladder and to prevent human fall outside the masonry, and secondly, are quite remarkable inner element. Handrails – a narrower concept, which corresponds to the top of the railing, which is for the person who up or down the stairs. a part of the same integral is not presented, as well as reservations in this case – railings and stair railings.

Posted on October 26, 2017 Home Design

The absence of fences and rod iron railings on the stairs is a serious violation of safety rules, so that designers and builders generally oppose those customers who, for whatever reason, want to do without this feature. Handrails for metal stairs have outran major drawback – just the way fence standard, simple to manufacture affordable for almost everyone, but the intricate openwork wrought iron railings for staircases that are a source of pride and envy welcomes guests, will cost considerably more expensive. The most common is that when we have stairs at home alone provided with a side railing and even sometimes if it is located between walls, do not expect any support.

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Iron Deck RailingSize: 2424 x 1768

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This is not only dangerous, but it is not very useful for certain situations, like to come visit some more familiar, we have a small home or suffer some kind of setback and need support to climb. So let’s look at a simple way to install a rod iron railings or banister. The base of it will consist of some teams and wooden bar. The first before installing it is to draw the line by going to happen. To do this, we stand on the top step and make a mark at a height of about 80 cm. Then we move to the last step and make another mark at the same height. Then, using a chalk or masking tape mark the line where our rail pass, which also serve to fix the marks where we will place the brackets.

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The number of brackets depends on the size of the rod iron railings, but keep in mind that more or less have to install a square for every 90 cm or meter bar. Then we will drill about brands and will post good brackets with screws of sufficient thickness, as they support the weight of the wooden bar. Then we will overcome the bar on the brackets and mark the points where coincide.