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Maple stair treads – Bare stairs can be slippery, creating an unnecessary hazard. Maple stair treads solve both problems, creating a smooth surface and extra traction. Instead of spending money on the final steps, create your own with a scrap piece of carpet.  Measure of stairs on your stair to determine the size of each tread mat. Depending on your preference, you can tread the carpet covering the entire surface of the step or only the center, leaving a border visible. Write down the numbers measuring the reference.

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Create a maple stair treads template by drawing the planned size of a piece of cardboard and cut out the form with a utility knife. Place the template on the steps to test the size appearance. Make any adjustments if needed. Maple stair treads are part of the stairs as you go on. They are sometimes called steps. Maple stair treads sometimes crack over time through normal use. It is important to fix the cracks that develop in your maple stair treads. Cracks can weaken your steps and lead to further damage. A cracked stair tread can also be wobbly and make the stairs unsafe. Inspect your maple stair treads as part of your general home maintenance routine.

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Use downward pressure on the cracked stairs step by hand to open up the crack enough so that you can push maple glue into it. Use maple glue inside the cracked region of the staircase step and release the pressure on the tread. Slide the crack together tightly with his hands. Clamp stair treads using a maple clamp. Wipe away any excess glue that seeps out from the stair tread with a damp cloth. Let the glue dry for 24 hours and remove the clamp.

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Hammer a complete nail on each side of the crack in the stair tread in the ends of repaired maple stair treads. The drive nails into the tread at a small angle to provide a more secure grip. The nails will strengthen the stair tread and prevent further cracking. Center the nail on the head of each nail polish finish and tap the top of it with a hammer to define where the nail about 1/16-inch below the surface of the wood. Fill any nail holes with wood putty with a putty knife. The maple filler dry for 24 hours and sand it flush with the surface of the maple with a fine-grit sanding. Wipe away the sanding dust with a cover cloth. Peek up filled nail holes with a maple finish touch-up and a small brush. Let the touch-up dry for 24 hours prior to heavy use.