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Lemurian blue granite – installing a granite countertop or inn was a job that he left the granite installers. Due to the nature of the material, above highly specialized tools required to achieve installation of a kitchen top quality. However, with the growing popularity of granite countertops, are now available in shapes and standard sizes edged preformed at a reasonable price, and installation techniques kitchen counters have evolved so that any quality contractor can offer this service .Carefully remove the material from the existing countertop, disconnect all gas pipes and remove appliances.

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Always have at least one assistant when placing heavy plates. Lemurian blue granite can crack or break under its own weight, especially weaknesses as about cuts to the sink. Make sure all cabinets are level and securely attached to the floor and the wall so. The upper surfaces of the cabinets must be leveled with a variation of less than ⅛ inch over a stretch of 10 feet. Wall surfaces must be plumb with a variation of less than ⅛ inch in a straight plane in a stretch of 10 feet. Exceeding these tolerances result in excessive wedging and wide spaces with filler material.

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Although some lemurian blue granite slabs over 20 millimeters thick can be used without a complete substrate that supports the stone, typically must be placed plywood at least ¾ inch marine quality or for outdoor above cabinets to support the granite. Drill pilot holes to prevent the material cabinets fragmenting and secure the plywood with screws. Sinks or lattices may require additional supports to support the weight of the sink and its components.

Use butcher paper or something stiffer to create an exact template of the countertop and other surfaces, such as splash guards, which will be covered with lemurian blue granite. Mark precisely openings sink or stove, as well as any other court having to ask the granite. Be sure to include the projection on the template. Take the template granite countertops to your Home Depot or any other material supplier along with selections of color, pattern and type of edge you have chosen your client, and order the counter. Your supplier can advise you on the location of the connections, if necessary. For a more accurate installation, select at the same time a new sink it snaps into the counter. You will need help to place the granite countertop in place. Be very careful, because the granite plates break easily, especially along the natural veins of material.

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