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Glass block basement windows – Similar to glass block windows installed above-grade, basement versions also provide natural lighting while protecting homeowner privacy. Unlike their above-grade counter parties However installers follow specific guidelines when building or place glass block windows in the basement. Consider buying a remade glass block window to install in your basement. This is a more expensive option, but if you want to place the window in a room, you will use as a bedroom or family room, it must meet the national penetration / output standards, meaning it should be large enough for a body to pass through, and it will open like a casement window.

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Prepare the concrete surface to install a traditional glass block basement windows if you are not covered by the ingress / egress restrictions. In this case, the window may be of any size, and it will be stationary, due to the construction. The concrete should be smooth, then chip off any rough protrusions and apply a thin layer prepared mortar to fill any large holes or gaps. Use a trowel to smooth the wet mortar.  Install the glass blocks in direct contact with the surrounding walls. But if a wooden frame is already in place, make sure to install metal flashing between the glass block and the wooden frame to prevent moisture in the mortar into the tree, causing it to warp.

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Glass Block Window SizesSize: 1760 x 1168

Begin in a bottom corner by slathering prepared mortar about ½ cm thick along the side and the bottom, wherein the first block will put. Place the glass block and scoot it back and forth to settle it firmly in the mortar. Place a spacer on the upper edge of the block adjacent to the open side in which the next block will go.  Repeat for each block on the bottom level, alternately add the mortar, place a block and then smooth away excess mortar. When the bottom row is in place, set a spirit level on top of the glass block basement windows to ensure that they are yet.

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Continue laying glass blocks in rows, one at a time and leveling each one so soon. it’s done. If you need to take a break, do so only after a series is finished and leveled. Otherwise, mortar create and manipulate blocks will not be possible. Keep a soft sponge in a bucket of hot water handy and wipe away any excess mortar from each row you place the blocks. Be careful not to rub too hard or you may scratch the glass. Change the water in your bucket regularly. Remove the spacers by pulling and wiggling them slightly. They should come out easily. Fill large holes with mortar and let it set. Apply a generous bead of silicone caulking around inside and outside the perimeter of your new glass block basement windows.

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