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Laying vinyl plank flooring – Laying vinyl plank flooring and tiles provides both a durable and easy to install covers for high traffic comrade. Den only difference between them is their dimensions – plates are square, while the planks are rectangular. Vinyl planks are designed to resemble try. Var and have a glue strip on one side and one end, and you install the planks by squeezing them.A vinyl plank flooring floats over underage. Du can install it over the dry, hard and flat materials such as wood, tile, concrete and linoleum, but not over the carpet. this type of flooring is recommended for indoor use only.

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Pry off any existing sockets in the room runner pry bar to ensure full access to all the floor space. Sweeping and vacuuming set. All household or construction debris not removed will be marked under the new laying vinyl plank flooring. Spread the screed over the floor with a trowel on the surface texture includes height inconsistencies of 1/8 inch or met. Let compound is dry, sand it flat with a belt sander and vacuum damn. Om floor is already smooth and level, it is unnecessary to use screed . Unpack the floor three days before installation and spread it around the room to acclimatize it to its new mill. Delta prevents shrinkage and luck or. Bland planks from different packages together to ensure uniform color distribution.

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Start the installation along a veggie. Till Unlike hardwood flooring, you can not start the installation in the middle of the room, because the adhesive strips on laying vinyl plank flooring are unidirectional. Measure the width of the room from both ends of the wall along which you start, using a tape measure, and trim the first row of boards to compensate for half of the difference between these marring. Du will be able to compensate for the other half by trimming the last line when you reach the opposite wall.

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Add the first row of planks without gluing them, the last laying vinyl plank flooring cut to fit, then assemble next line in place tightly against them, again without limning. Skier the first board in the second row, so that its end is staggered with respect to the board adjacent the at least 6 inches. Unkind removing the peel strip over this process. Be hall this stagger pattern installation. Andean by a box cutter and ruler to cut planks. Demon floor, keeping the planks are organized so you can put them back in the same ordaining. Era protective cover off of the adhesive strips on each board in turn install the boards and glue together them.The should be a one / four-inch gap between the planks and the wall. Use spacers to maintain this gap along all walls.