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Brazilian cherry laminate flooring – Brazilian Cherry is an exotic hardwood, imported from South America, which can be designed in beautiful and durable flooring planks. Hand-scraped and planed with precision, the boards interlock uses a tongue and groove system to create a wooden floor of lasting warmth and beauty. The floor planks are available in 7-10 foot lengths and widths varying from 3 to 12 inches wide. Brazilian cherry is a beautiful, relatively easy wood to work with. Careful planning and attention to detail, so you can install an elegant floor that lasts for decades.

Posted on November 16, 2017 Home Ideas

Install Brazilian cherry laminate flooring, Consult a professional flooring contractor if you are unsure about your ability to install the flooring yourself. Your new Brazilian cherry wood flooring represents a substantial investment in your home. The quality of the installation will affect the value of your property. Select a superior quality of flooring that has a finely crafted tongue and groove profile to ensure that the planks engage properly.  Make sure the floor is clean and smooth. Removing nails or pins, this may be to stop. Ensure that the sub floor is not warped or buckled. If yes, repair sub-flooring before continuing. Make sure the floor is level. Measure the space carefully. Install Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring perpendicular to the floor joists. Make marks on the wall to mean floor beams and Find the middle of the room. Mark the outside of the first row of flooring using a snap chalk line around a 1/2 inch from the starting wall.

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Install Brazilian cherry laminate flooring; choose your widest and longest planks of the first row. Along the wall where the nail head will not show when they are covered by the baseboard, drill pilot holes for 1 1/2-inch finishing nails. Use a hammer to nail the first row of boards through the sub flooring to the floor joists.

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Slide a short piece of flooring along the edge of each row as your install your floors. Give the board a sharp tap with a rubber hammer to tighten the new row to the previous row before nailing row in place. It is impossible to sharpen cracks when installing flooring, so plan your work carefully. Stagger lengths of boards. Adjacent boards must have a minimum of 6 to 8 inches in length difference to the next row. When you reach the last row, use a wooden block and a small pry bar to work the last planks tightly in position. Connect the last row, as you did the first of drill holes and nailing boards where baseboard molding covers the nails. Your new Brazilian cherry laminate flooring is complete and ready for installation in base-stop or baseboard.