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Room dividing screens – If you live in a loft apartment or home with an open floor plan, you may find yourself wanting to share a room to create distinct spaces. Sharing a room can separate bedroom from the living room or create a separate seating area in a larger room to allow for more intimate conversations. Much trendy way to share a room gives you extra storage space or adds a decorative touch to the space. Heavy bookcases, when placed back to back, works well as a room divider. Choose decorative bookcases to add visual interest to the room. Because bookcases can see the tongue, select the bookshelves in lighter shades of wood or paint them a lighter color, and keep the amount of books and ornaments they contain minimal. Add doors to the bottom of the bookshelves to provide additional space in the room. Library-style bookshelves, where both sides are open, providing a unique room divider with a less bulky feel.

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Room dividing screens provide a trendy and decorative way to share a room. Many screens in Asian styles with bamboo accents or floral decorations. Other screens provide a more formal or traditional look with darker wood and ornate patterns. For a lighter feel, choose a screen with cut-out patterns so that you can see from space to space or a screen containing glass to act as a window between spaces. Most monitors have either three or four panels, and you can use two side by side to extend the divider.

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Modern Room DividerSize: 1200 x 900

Divide A Room For PrivacySize: 1632 x 1224

Room Divider Screens DiySize: 3264 x 2448

Office Room DividerSize: 1400 x 958

Room Partition DividersSize: 1024 x 768

Room dividing screens depending on the space you are trying to share, add a double-sided fireplace can be a big expense, but you will also save on heating costs because a see-thru fireplace helps heat the both spaces at once. Add a mantle on each side of the fireplace to provide a place to hold additional decorations and a flat-screen TV or stereo. Amines can be built with brick or stone to add visual interest to the room.

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Hanging dividers may contain geometric shapes or motifs connected by wire or thin panels screwed into the ceiling to divide the space in a room. Many of these dividers twice as artistic works for the room dividing screens. Another idea for a hanging divider is to simply hang sheer curtains from the ceiling. Hang decorative curtain rods from the ceiling to keep the curtains and allow them to go easy. Include curtain hooks on the wall to keep the curtains if you decide to open up the space. Pearl necklace or beaded curtains also give a fashionable pendant divider for a room.