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Metal stair nosing – Simple is the creator of flooring accessories, including a series of stair nose molding supposed to cover the front edge of your steps. The casting is to tread staircase while patches on the front of the stage to give it a nice rounded decorative appearance. Installation of metal stair nosing trim is quick and easy with the molding is held in place in the first place with glue and some extra support from wooden screws. By trimming each nosing to fit, you be able to create the perfect front for your staircase, improve the appearance by smoothing stairs lines.

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Metal nosing protects the front of the steps from wear and damage due to heavy use. The nose is attached to the treads with the screws. Screws can sometimes come loose and need to be repaired or if it is damaged, replacement. It is important to repair loose or damaged metal stair nosing as soon as it shows because it can cause people to trip or lose their footing on the stairs. Keep your stairs safely by tightening loose nosing and replace damaged nosing.


Repair metal stair nosing; inspect the edge of the stairs at each step. Look for any loose or damaged nosing sections. Tighten all loose edge sections by tightening each screw nosing along with a screwdriver. Screws can work up the tread staircase due to repeated use. Tighten the screws in the injured body roll sections with a screwdriver. Pull up the nosing of stair tread with his hands.

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Ideas for repair metal stair nosing measure the length of each injured nosing and write it. Place the replacement nosing on a work. Measure and mark the nosing to length for each damaged portion using a tape measure and pen. Cut the replacement nosing length with a hacksaw and miter box to make a straight, even cut. Remove the nosing of the miter box and mount it in place on the front edge of the tread staircase. Drive the screws that you removed from the damaged stair nosing through the mounting holes in the replacement nosing into the stair tread to secure them in place. Drill holes along the length of the nose piece every 10 inches with a countersink drill. Switch to a screw in the drill and then drive 1-1 / 8-inch wood screws through the holes and into the step below to keep your nose trim securely in place.