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Counter height dinette sets – can be purchased to match the table or be totally different. Overall, in the first case, manufacturers often have in their catalog complete sets, which was as traditionally elected. This has changed today: you can choose them of any kind, to create a harmonious whole, or contrast. In fact, it is normal decorative proposals in which part or all of the chairs that accompany the dining table are different. In this case, you must choose a connection point between them: the color, upholstery or overall design.

Posted on November 11, 2017 Home Furniture

Counter height dinette sets are more comfortable but have the disadvantage of occupying more space. If you have a rectangular table you can choose to place the chairs at the ends of the tables and combine them with chairs. If the table is small, it is best to choose chairs that by chairs with armrests. You should measure the room and the table Eater r to determine the size and number of chairs that can be placed on it.

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You also have to calculate the space between chairs. The seats of counter height dinette sets are about 45-50 cm . (Width and depth), although they can measure some centimeter, depending on the design. The seat height from the ground should be about 45 cm . The backrest height is variable, from which are very low to the highest and stylized. A couches is necessary to add at least 10 centimeters wide. We need to measure the room because you have to think where we will leave not to place the chairs at the table.

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The backrest counter height dinette sets should not be such as to prevent throws your head back or not let you turn your head to look over your shoulder. Having back too straight is not a comfortable position for long after dinner chat with family and friends. And of course, always distribute the chairs so that no one feels uncomfortable with the table legs. What are easy to clean and maintain. It is a fundamental issue and here comes into play the personal circumstances of each, if there are children or pets at home, etc. We recommend fabrics that are stain resistant and easy to maintain, if you choose a very light color you must be very careful. A good option is synthetic leather chairs as if any spot falls is easier to remove. And finally, choose the design. Here for taste, colors.