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Outdoor Loveseat Glider – How To Recover Outdoor Loveseat Glider Deciding to restore the loveseat is a smart decision. Many parents save money and are content with recovering their old furniture instead of buying new furniture. The process is simple. Depending on how much time you want to commit, you can choose to buy a cover or fully dress your outdoor loveseat glider.

Posted on November 23, 2017 Home Furniture

Instruction to recover outdoor loveseat glider, Decide if you want to buy a cover or dress your loveseat glider. If you choose to dress your loveseat glider need the specified materials and dedicating time to the process. Measure your outdoor loveseat glider. If you choose to restore the reupholstering, make sure you buy enough fabric to recover the entire loveseat glider. Also take into account that you may need to cover the cushions and pillows too. If you choose to purchase a seat, you must know the size of your loveseat to determine an appropriate fit.

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Buy fabric or covering for outdoor loveseat glider. Love Seat covers are made specifically for the furniture, so you do not have to worry about dealing a cover that is suitable for normal wear and tear. Use your measurements; determine whether you want your cover to suit loose or tight. A loose cover will create a more comfortable feel while a tight fit will look more customized. If you choose to dress your loveseat choose fabric to cover furniture. This fabric will be more durable and stain resistant. Apply cover or remove the old fabric. If you have chosen to restore the loveseat with a cover, you are done. You can now restore your loveseat. If you are reupholstering your loveseat, remove the old fabric. Use scissors to carefully cut the old fabric from the wooden frame at the bottom of furniture. Take notice of how the fabric is stitched around the frame so that you can emulate this when recovering the furniture.

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Cover outdoor loveseat glider. You do not need to cover the seat area of the loveseat glider, just back, arms and sides. See how the old fabric was placed. Tuck extra fabric at the sides of the wooden frame. Gently pull out the extra fabric through the frame, and smooth the fabric of the sofa for a tight fit. Staple the fabric to the wooden frame. Refer back to how the old fabric was stitched and stapled extra fabric on wood frame thereafter. Dress your pillows or cushions. Track your old cushions and / or pillows on the fabric, and cut the fabric. If you choose to start from scratch, sew the cushion fabric together one page at a time, leaving an open end to insert foam padding. You can buy this at any craft or fabric store. Stuff the fabric and sew the last end to complete the cushion to recover. If you choose to restore your old pillows and / or pads without removing the old fabric, simply sew the new fabric around the old fabric.