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Burger patty maker – Through its website, the company has announced the upcoming release of the maker machine burgers. It is a robot able to prepare a tasty burger, without human intervention. The machine allows directly remove the restaurant kitchen, “our machines replace the cooks flesh and blood in restaurants, does everything an employee does, only better,” say the creators. In fact, the customer will have the option make the burger to your liking, even choosing exactly how much of each ingredient you eat.

Posted on October 27, 2017 Home Ideas

The machine will be able to cook 360 hamburgers at the time, and save space, since it will only occupy 12 square meters. The company plans to create new “smart restaurants” which have already generated controversy among practitioners of American cuisine. The chefs are frightened by the development of this new tool. Research fulfilled, thousands of industry professionals could end up unemployed. For many of them, the approach can become somewhat gloomy, as a complete end to the human factor. Prepare burger patty maker is a way to make this meal without having to heat the grill. This method of cooking helps retain moisture of the meat and allows you to have control over how cooked or raw is how the burger.

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Hamburger Patty MoldsSize: 2592 x 1936

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Find here some tips on how to make a hamburger in a pan. Place the meat in a bowl and go slowly adding the other ingredients, to the extent that we mixing. Then finish mixing well with both hands. Preparation form 6 balls and flatten with your hands, giving them burger patty maker. You cook grilled, barbecued fathoms on a grill or in the oven. Always on both sides and medium heat. Do not allow to remain pink in the center parts. For a better join, you should use only the egg yolks. Will thus more compact. Finely chop the onion fine, it should be very thin or grated.

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This ingredient is rather optional as there are people that prefer not to add personal taste. In sandwich can be added the ingredients that we like. A good choice would be cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber slices. Before removing from burger patty maker add a little cheese so it melts. Some people call this preparation with the name “applause”. This derives from the form or shape them prepare them, beating them or crushing them in between the palms, and clapping. The burger is ready. See that brown and uniform sides.