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Vinyl privacy fence panels – Vinyl fencing is typically a cheaper alternative to standard wooden picket fence. Vinyl fencing often comes in finished sections, or panels, as faster as and easier to install than their wooden counterparts. Routine maintenance for vinyl fencing is also a lot less hassle, as it can simply be rinsed with water and dried with an old rag. When you find vinyl panel design that you like, you can probably install the entire vinyl fence in just a few days. Buy post that is two feet longer than you want to stand out of the ground.

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Installing vinyl privacy fence panels, mark off the fence. Place a wooden stake was eight feet to mark the positions of the fence posts. Use a tape measure to taboo the total number of fence posts and panels as you need. Dig a hole that is 30 inches deep at each characterized by a tree, using the post hole digger. Make sure the holes are 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Measure from the bottom of the hole to the top with your tape measure to make sure it is deep enough.

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Vinyl privacy fence panels, fill each post hole with six inches of gravel. This will keep the poles from sinking into the ground and help drain rainwater. Measure the distance from the top of the gravel to the top of the hole. Make sure the hole is now 24 inches deep into the gravel. Place the posts in the holes. Set one of the end posts first. Fill in the rest of the hole with excess dirt. Tamp down the soil with a shovel. Using a level to ensure that the post is straight. Repeat this procedure for the other end before you begin to set the posts in between them.

Tie a string to one of the end posts, tie the other end of the line to the other end for. Set and a level of the remaining services. Check and ensure that the post is in line and touches the string. Move the record amount requested, then re-check the level before moving to the next post. Repeat the process for each remaining posts. Do not pour concrete in all post holes at once, set each item and level it as you go. Allow cement to dry overnight. Connect the pipe frame to each of the vinyl privacy fence panels posts with the screws. Find the holes and use a screwdriver or drill to screw the brackets. Slide vinyl fence panels on the brackets and place. Screw the board’s brackets. Get a friend to help you lift the panels if they are too heavy for yourself. Repeat for each fence panel. Squirt a ring of vinyl adhesive around the inside of each fence post cap. Place each cover on a fence post and press down to secure. Make sure you do not cap the uprights until after you have installed the panels.

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