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Japanese soaker tub – In Japan, bathing an art, a social experience and a way to leave behind the worries of the day, rather than just the task that takes away the day’s dirt. Find different types of hot water soak venues in Japan: natural spas, bathhouses and private bath installed in homes. Build a Japanese hot soak tub of cement, if you are skilled in designing and pouring concrete. Thus, you need not worry about leaks that plague tubs made of traditional woods such as cedar. Upgrade your water heater so you can run hotter water. Seek a professional opinion, if you plan to install the bathtub on top of your floor and have questions about whether it can support the weight. Even a small model built to last 120-230 liters can add thousands of pounds when filled.

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Identify an area in or outside your home that has plumbing and electrical sources so you can avoid the expense of moving either or both. Choose an area that borders a wall to anchor installation. Call your insurance agent to make certain your homeowners insurance covers you against water damage and liability from a hot tub. Cut a hole in the floor or deck that approximates the size of your proposed Japanese soaking tub dimensions, if you do not install it on a concrete slab. A typical Japanese soaking tub measures 42 inches square by 42 inches tall should comfortably accommodate a bather immersion to the chin. Install a floor drain, interface it with your HVAC system. Anchor the water pipe (s) that supplies hot water to the wall.

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Frame the walls and floor of your Japanese soaker tub, with the help of five sections of pre-cut, ¾-inch melamine panels bolted together to create the outer shell forming the bottom of the concrete mold. Buttress sections with timber braces. Make a smaller melamine cube based on the width of the tub walls to serve as the inner mold. Use plumbing strap to support a grid of wood to prevent mold bottom from sitting on top of plumbing pipes.

Build Japanese soaker tub pour enough mixed concrete into the bottom of melamine frame to form the tub base. Center and lowering small melamine frame assembly atop the cement and fill the area between the walls to create the bath sides. Place in a section of PVC pipe in the frame near the top of the tub so it acts as an overflow mechanism, if the water threatens to break the tub. Cure the cement according to the instructions on the cement mixture. Take framework lumber braces and melamine as the concrete has set. Attach the hot and cold fixtures to the pipes. If you can find a crane device designed with an Asian influence, it will look right at home. Lower a bench in the tub. Test the drive to ensure everything works.