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Crushed glass countertops – Recycle colored glass and crushed glass countertops design. Glass color can be used with epoxy to create a regular table and visually appealing for kitchen, bar or bathroom. Whether you ultimately choose to generate a focal point in the kitchen has a glass islands were destroyed or clad bathrooms remodeled, recycled glass is definitely an option to think about.

Posted on November 2, 2017 Home Design

Colored glass can be utilized to feature a punch of color crushed glass countertops. Whether you ultimately choose to collect glass certain color or use what you got, bring a glass table live. One idea is to cut off the bottom of the wine bottle collection, use a glass cutter. Produce a pattern with a round glass and smash bottles to fill in the rest of the design. You are able to mix green brown, blue and clear glass inside multicolored granite. While glass grinders could be purchased, is really a cheaper alternative a glass crusher mortar, which you could find upon the stained glass supply stores.

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The finished look of crushed glass countertops varies depending on epoxy you finally choose. Clear epoxy is really a common choice for novelty tops displays items as pennies, bottle caps and wine bottle corks. Do not forget that clear epoxy helps make the surface under the bench will certainly be visible from any gaps between bits of glass, meaning that you ought to paint the surface before you begin with epoxy. Otherwise, you are able to choose the white epoxy to contrast using the glass. Coat the finished counter having marine-grade polyurethane for any glossy and durable finish.

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Build crushed glass countertops, making a pond all around the designated bench area, using aluminum flashing tape, which you could find in the hardware store inside the roof section. Glue the glass set up with construction adhesive, or adds a skinny layer of epoxy towards the counter and also the glass layer onto it. After mixing the epoxy based on the manufacturer’s instructions, pour a skinny, even layer during the glass. Smooth out all during the surface, taking care to remove bubbles as is. If lots of bubbles, make use of a flashlight to pop the bubbles. Let the dishes dry between coats. You are able to clean the edges having a razor blade or sand larger areas for any clean finish. Add polyurethane following the epoxy has cured. Epoxy is sensitive to UV rays and tends to discolor. Direct sunlight can affect countertops and leave them cloudy or yellowish.