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Backyard batting cages – A batting cage backyard can be the envy of the neighborhood, or the curse, if not constructed properly. Because they are large and have relatively unattractive networks must be built with materials that can easily be downloaded and stored for winter. Many companies offer pre-made kits, but if you want to make your own, you can use heavy PVC and build one with little more than a saw and glue. Find the best place for the batting cage. Look for a more removed from the lines of sight of neighbors and with a good noise barrier (a fence, high gardens, etc.) area. The area should be at least 8 feet wide and 25 feet long.

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Build backyard batting cages line whole area with ties landscape, half buried in the ground. Remove all existing landscape in the area and flat rake. Dig narrow holes, 2 feet deep at every corner and every 8 feet along the border. Cut a drain pipe 3 inches to 2 feet long and put one in each hole. Fill the holes with gravel and tamp firmly. The tube should extend 1-2 inches above the ground level. Put a thin layer of gravel for drainage on top dirt and rake smooth part.

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Build the backyard batting cages frame using PVC pipe 2 inches. Place the top of the structure directly within the bonds of the landscape. Using a hacksaw, cut the strips to fit the tube 90 in the corners and T centered directly into drains along the length of the cage. Clean the cutting tube with a towel and stick with PVC cement. It dries quickly. Paste the open end of the T down, with the 90 connecting the entire frame that matches the landscape ties. The third open end of the 90s should be face down as Ts. Turn the frame upside down with open connections up. Cut strips of 5 feet 2 inches pipe and slide in every open connection. Do not stick so you can remove these pieces later. At the end of tube length of 5 feet, a compression press. Cut another round of 5-foot long tube and place a cap of 2 inches at one end.

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